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We possess a burning passion for organic and sustainable agriculture and truly believe that cultivators can achieve optimal results—while keeping the Earth healthy—using these practices. Our organic companion seed, nutrients, and soil enhancers work in harmony with soil microbiology to elevate plant health to the next level.

Our dedicated team are working on improving future generations of seeds and organic practices using these three principles:

we are striving towards creating a more efficient and sustainable seed sector

to deliver our improved seeds to the worldwide market utilising the latest advancement and tools within the sector

sustainability, honesty, empathy, charity, and resilience

agriculture and gardening


Companion plants hold the key to unlocking potential in both agriculture and gardening. These species offer various benefits, from nitrogen fixation and insect deterrence to improving soil structure. We have committed to advancing research in this important field to identify and research new varieties of companion seeds. We recognise the importance of companion seeds not only in assisting yields and plant health but in enhancing biodiversity and supporting insect species that are fundamental in the soil food web and the process of pollination.

Our Products

Designed to support garden ecosystems, our product range harnesses organic principles to deliver optimal results without disturbing the delicate ecological balance on the soil.

companion seeds

Companion seeds

These plants species offer a myriad of benefits to the garden, including pest management, plant protection, nitrogen fixation, and enhanced soil health.

organic nutrients

Organic nutrients

Obtain from natural extracts, these rich preparations contain over 70 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that catalyse growth, keep plants healthy, and prevent deficiencies that can impact yields.



Our growing mediums contain a finely balanced mix of carbon- and nitrogen-rich organic matter that promotes root system health, moisture retention, and aeration.

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